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Rental rules

General rules

After you order the right product, the customer receives an email confirmation about the availability of equipment and then will be adjusting time of arriving in the office and the transfer of technology.

Making and receiving happens at the office indicated in the section ABOUT  THIS INTERNET SHOP.

Take the equipment for temporary use (rent) can any citizen who accepts the terms and conditions of hire, which is when placing your order. To conclude a contract it is necessary to have the Passport (a passport is not needed when the mortgage amount is equal to the full cost of the goods), pay the amount for the use of the equipment and the amount of the guarantee fund.

Order procedure

Products must be ordered directly from the site. To do this, select the desired directory item, make it an order, and in note indicate that is taken on the proposal due date. Payment in cash and pick up yourself.

The feedback from the description of your item, you can also submit a request or call with, for example, on the home page of the phone.


You can also book the tool. Booking means that the tool will be available at a specified time and date. In the event of any force majeure situation the clinet will be notified in advance.

The client must advance bookings (1-3 days) to notify online store. The repeated rejection of armor has a client in the subsequent denial of service.

Cost of rental period

Rental period must not exceed one calendar month.

Minimum period of hire is considered to be 1 day

The late return will be charged an additional amount for the period of delay.

If you need to extend the rental, you should contact with your manager of rolled products and clarify the possibility of extension. When you need to extend the rental for more than three days, you must make payment for the renewal.

The cost of rental on the site up-to-date.

The amount of bail

-The size of the guarantee fund is equal to the appraised value of the equipment in rubles, indicated on the site at the time of rental. This is available to all, including foreign nationals.


You can pay the rent and the security deposit in cash or by credit card.

Non-cash payment is possible by bank transfer.


The Contract

For rent rental contract is concluded for a fixed term. Term of the contract could be extended, but it can be made two days prior to the termination of the agreement.

Upon receipt of the equipment shall be signed by the deed which contains a list of the property. You will need to check the appearance and functionality of the hardware, configuration, availability and integrity of product tampering control labels. After the signing of the Act and receipt of equipment transferred equipment claims will not be accepted.

The signing of the Act of transfer means that the client assumes further responsibility received for rental property.

When you return the signed acceptance report.

The client is obliged to return the rented product in the same condition in which you received it at the moment. Availability of all components listed in the Act of transferring, necessarily. If during the operation of the rental property and its appearance has changed, we need to take steps to return the property in its original form. Property with a broken appearance will not be accepted, except when restoring the original appearance of the goods it is impossible. When the appearance property in order to monitor the safety of labels and label control opening.

Acceptance certificate confirms the return of property. The absence of a signed acceptance certificate means that the property is on the client.

In case of product defects during use, you must pay for the direct losses incurred by the online store. Size cover direct losses registered in the contract and may be withheld from the guarantee fund.


Under no circumstances will e-shop is not responsible for damage that may be caused to the customer or to third parties when using property rentals or in connection with this fact. Online store also do not refund costs, that may arise from the use or non-use of the rolling property to third parties.

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